AGA SC40B 40W Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifier with Mic Input


About this ;AGA SC40B 40W Battery Powered Acoustic Amplifier with Mic Input

The AGA SC40B is an amplifier designed to bring out the rich characteristic and sound of an acoustic guitar. It provides a nice and warm treble with no compromise on your low-mid and low frequencies. With an output of 40W RMS, this is perfect for home practice, small venue gigs and even busking.

It has a built in 2 option chorus and an option to choose either Room or Hall Reverb. Both effects can be used simultaneously with your guitar and with the microphone input. ;

This amplifier also has an female speakon Input ;to connect a microphone. This will allow you to play your acoustic guitar while being able to also give out a rich sounding vocal. With the built in reverb of the amplifier, your vocals should shine through.

It also has a 1/8 ;Aux/Mp3 ;input which will allow you to connect Audio Media devices to the amplifier to allow you to play along while practicing. This is definitely a mobile, multi-purpose and practical amp designed to meet your needs.

The amp can be powered either by the power supply included or with 8 ;dry cell AA batteries.


The Tech Features:

Brand:- AGA

Model:- SC40B

RMS Output:- 40W

Power Consumption:- 70W

Equalizer:- Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Master

Speaker:- 6.5" ; 4 Ω full-frequency speaker, ;3" Tweeter

Effects:- Chorus (1 &2); Reverb (Room & Hall)

Inputs:- 1/4" Guitar Input; Female Speakon ;Mic Input; 1/8 Aux/Mp3 input; Line-Out

Power Requirements:- 15v AC/DC adapter or 8x dry cell AA batteries (3-4 hours with new batteries)

Dimensions:- 33cm (W) x 26cm (H) x 20cm (D)