Airconet - Motion Sensor

Wireless motion sensor to power off air condition when room is left empty

  • Voltage: 3VDC (2* AAA batteries)
  • Size: 2.36” * 2.36” * 0.59” (60 * 60 * 15 mm)
  • Motion sensor: High sensuality Dual Element PIR
  • Detecting range: 20ft (6m) max. at 3600
  • IR transmitting range: 20ft (6m) max.
  • IR transmitting direction: one in front and one on side
  • IR learning code: 2 IR commands (i.e. AirCon and TV)
  • Memory: IR codes are stored in Flash memory – also without batteries
  • Timer select by slide switch: 15, 30 or 60 minutes
  • Onboard Switch can turn off devices manually
  • Mounting: optional Ceiling or Wall with screws or sticker
  • Works with IR devices that has discrete OFF command (can work only with remote control that has LCD)
  • Not suitable for room with moving objects (pets, curtains in wind, etc.)
  • Include in box: ECOsense device, 2 AAA batteries and Manual
  • No wire or installation required
  • Long lasting battery life (normally over 6 month)
  • Indoor use only
  • Certification: FCC, CE, IC, EMC, LVD