Akubra Coolabah Country Hat

It's an Aussie icon - as Aussie as a meat pie and sauce as a backyard barbie or a day at the beach. Akubra is the iconic Australian bush hat brand and is still Australian owned (in the 4th generation) and Australian made - the family have been making hats since 1900 ... many try to emulate this traditional hat but there is only one Akubra.

The Akubra Coolabah is a great addition to the Akubra range and with the crocodile leather band is a really popular style with tourists and visitors to Australia.
The raw-edge brim is 79mm and has a pre-creased crown of 90mm, The Coolabah and is fully satin lined.

With Aussies spending so much time in the outdoors we need to be protected fom both the harsh sun and the driving rain experienced in our rugged country - that is why Akubra is the number one choice for not only protection but also style and durability - we give them a beating and the Akubra stands the test of time. You can wear your Akubra with confidence, it's more than just a hat it's an Australian Icon.

Pure fur felt -- Akubra's Imperial Quality
Water Resistant
Pre-creased crown
Brim: 79mm, raw edge
Crown Height: 90mm
Brass-studded salt water crocodile leather band
Fully lined
Reeded roan leather sweatband