Apple iPad Pro 11-inch(2nd Gen) and 12.9-inch(4th Gen) - All Colours - MXF72X/A

Your next computer is not a computer.

It's a magical piece of glass.
It's so quick most PC laptops can't catch up.
It has pro cameras that can transform reality.
And you can use it with touch, pencil, keyboard and now trackpad.
It's the new iPad Pro.

Liquid Retina display

Try to find a more advanced mobile display. We will wait.

Liquid Retina technology

The edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display is not only gorgeous and immersive, it also offers incredibly advanced technologies.1 Like ProMotion, True Tone and industry?leading colour accuracy, which make everything feel responsive and look stunning. Quite simply, this combination of features makes it the world's most advanced mobile display.


Think you know iPad cameras? Think deeper.

Pro cameras

Advanced cameras - combined with a large display, quick performance and highly calibrated sensors - have always made iPad uniquely capable. The Wide and new Ultra Wide cameras assist you frame the perfect photo or video. And together with studio?quality mics and Four Speaker Audio, you can even set up a multi?camera filmmaking rig.

LiDAR Scanner

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is utilized to determine distance by measuring how long it takes light to reach an object and reflect back. It is so advanced it's being utilized by NASA for the next Mars landing mission. And it is now been engineered to fit in the thin and light iPad Pro.

The custom-designed LiDAR Scanner utilizes direct time of flight to measure reflected light from up to five metres away, indoors and out. It works at the photon level, operates at nanosecond speeds, and opens up tremendous possibilities for augmented reality and beyond.

The LiDAR Scanner works with the pro cameras, motion sensors and frameworks in iPadOS to measure depth. This combination of hardware, software and unprecedented innovation makes iPad Pro the world's best device for augmented reality.

Augmented reality

On the new iPad Pro, AR apps become even more realistic. Placing an AR object now happens immediately. Realistic object occlusion allows AR objects to pass in front of and behind real-world structures. Enhanced motion capture and people occlusion are more accurate than ever. And developers will be able to create even more immersive experiences.

Shoot and edit

The pro camera system makes iPad Pro incredibly versatile. Shoot, edit and share a 4K video, all on the same device. Capture an entire room in one shot with the Ultra Wide camera and use Markup to redesign it on the spot. Or scan a document, sign or mark it up with Apple Pencil, then send back your notes with a tap.


Faster than you can say PC.

A12Z Bionic

With the A12Z Bionic chip, iPad Pro is so quick it outpaces most PC laptops available today. It makes everything you do quick and fluid, from your everyday tasks to graphics-intensive workflows. And the 8-core graphics processor means even more performance and realism for the apps and games where it matters most.

Pro workflow

A12Z Bionic is made to be put to work, especially with pro apps. The 8?core graphics processor offers fluid performance for things like 4K video editing, 3D design and augmented reality. improved thermal design means higher peak and longer sustained performance - critical for pro workflows. And the Apple?designed Neural Engine allows on?device machine learning ready for the next generation of pro apps.


iPadOS is made to harness the power and performance of iPad Pro. Lightning?fast hardware and powerful software were made in concert to make every interaction snappy and smooth. Which makes working with multiple apps at once and moving between spaces fast and effortless.

Magic Keyboard

Yes, it floats

Magic Keyboard

The all-new Magic Keyboard is an incredible companion for iPad Pro.2 It offers the best typing experience ever on iPad, a trackpad that opens up new ways to work with iPadOS, a USB?C port for pass?through charging, and front and back protection. And it offers a floating cantilevered design, allowing you to attach iPad Pro magnetically and smoothly adjust it to the perfect viewing angle for you.

Full?sized keyboard

A full-sized keyboard made for iPad Pro brings individual hard key caps and a scissor mechanism with 1 millimetre of travel for a responsive, comfortable and quiet typing experience. So go ahead, write your novel, knock out a business plan or tear through your inbox. And with backlit keys, you can get things done day or night.

Trackpad re?imagined

The click-anywhere trackpad opens up a whole new way to work in iPadOS. It enables control of the new cursor in iPadOS, which is perfect for tasks like editing a spreadsheet, selecting text or simply doing everything from the trackpad. And you can navigate fluidly with familiar Multi?Touch gestures, like swiping to go Home and switching between spaces.

Cursor for iPadOS

The biggest thing to happen to the cursor since point and click

Trackpad for iPadOS

Trackpad support opens up powerful new ways to utilizes your iPad. The re?imagined cursor experience has been made specifically to work in a touch?first environment. It's contextual, so it transforms into the tool you need depending on the content you are pointing to, like buttons, app icons and text. It's ideal for tasks where you need an extra level of precision, like building a spreadsheet or editing text. You can also utilize intuitive trackpad gestures to quickly get around in iPadOS.

Apple Pencil

Just for artists.
And students.
And everyone else.


Whether you are retouching a photo or illustrating a birthday card, the tilt and pressure sensitivity combined with the low latency of Apple Pencil allow all forms of artistic expression.2 And it charges while magnetically attached to your iPad Pro, so it is always ready when inspiration strikes.

Take notes

iPad is ideal for taking notes and organising your thoughts. Sketch ideas in the Notes app as naturally as you do on paper, then catalogue them, share them or add them to a presentation. You can even search your handwritten notes. The App Store is also full of great apps that allow you to organise, annotate and take your notes to the next level.

Mark up

Marking things up with Apple Pencil is a great way to get stuff done. Take a screenshot, then mark it up. Scan a document, then sign it right there on your iPad. You can also easily mark up and send a PDF, and even draw directly in apps like Keynote.


Goes where no laptop would dare.

Thin, light and durable

iPad Pro is incredibly capable while still being easy to carry with you everywhere, so you can slip it into a backpack or rest it on a tray table. And it has up to 10 hours of battery life to keep you going all day.


iPad Pro is the ultimate mobile workstation. You can print, project and send files wirelessly. The USB?C port allows you connect all types of accessories, like a camera, external drive or display. Wi?Fi and LTE are quicker than ever, so you can stay connected everywhere. And when it is time to stream your favourite show or listen to your party playlist, iPad Pro has an amazing Four Speaker Audio system built in.


Like all Apple product, iPad was designed with your privacy and security in mind. It's not always easy. But that is the kind of innovation we believe in.


Technology is most powerful when everyone can utilize it. That's why iPad comes with accessibility offers that support vision, hearing, mobility and learning needs.

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch(2nd Gen) and 12.9-inch(4th Gen) - All Colours - MXF72X/A


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