Applicable to XIAOMI millet FIMI X8SE drone battery housekeeper USB remote control 6-channel charger

"brand new
Name: Suitable for the flying rice FIMI X8 SE drone charger
Applicable models: for FIMI X8 SE drones

Product selling point:
1. With full charge mode and storage charging mode,
2. The storage charging mode can charge the battery with the power below 2 cells to the voltage of 11.5-12V, which is convenient for long-term storage of the battery.
3. With 4 battery ports and 2 USB charging functions.

Main material: plastic

Product parameters:
Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Output: 13.2V 10A (maximum current output of each channel is 4A. The first two inserted batteries are 4A each.
The two batteries inserted after each channel are 1A, and the first inserted battery is fully charged, and the current is automatically distributed to the rear inserted battery)
USB: 5V 3A (insert a USB device output is 3A, insert 2 USB devices, each port output is 1.5A)
Number of interfaces: 4 battery interfaces, 2 USB ports
Charging time: charge 1-2 batteries for about 70 minutes; fill 4 batteries for about 110 minutes
Charging environment temperature: 5 ° C to 40 ° C (charging time is measured under the experimental environment (room temperature 25 ° C), for reference only.)

Attribute: white
Net weight: 676g (Australian), 703g (English), 652g (US), 651g (European)
Gross weight: 808g (Australian), 834g (English), 783g (US), 783g (European)
Product size: 13.3*13.3*3.3cm
Packing size: 23.5*16.8*6.4cm
Packing list: charger x1 power cord x1 battery charging cable x4
Packing: boxed (color box)"