Apuro Portable Sous Vide 1500W

The highly compact and portable Apuro Portable Sous Vide 1500W is ideal for professionals on the move. Made from robust and easy to clean stainless steel, it has a clear LCD display, a low water level detection alarm, precise temperature control and a 0-99hr timer. The unit can clip on to almost any container, pot or tank which has rounded or flat walls. Its main function is to reliably maintain the water at a consistent and precise temperature by circulating water, thereby allowing sous vide cooking, adding value and refinement to meat, fish and vegetables. Its minimum container depth is 200mm. Please note: pans sold separately. Power: 1.5kW ; Max Capacity: 40Ltr

Product Features- Capacity:40 Ltr

  • Dimensions:320(H) x 145(W) x 130(D)mm
  • Material:Stainless Steel
  • Temperature control within 0.1C
  • LCD function Display
  • Low water level detection alarm device
  • 0-99hr timer
  • Pump speed: 5Ltr/min
  • Max capacity 40Ltr
  • Circulates the water (improves temperature consistency versus still water baths )
  • Clamps to pots with rounded or flat walls
  • Stainless Steel body