Aqua Fish Tank Thermosafe LED Digital Submersible Water Heater 100W

BioPro / Chosen H-813 100W Heater

Our pet fish originate from all over the globe and water temperatures vary immensely in their native environments. To be able to keep fish in an environment which is condusive with their natural habitat, we mostly will need to increase water temperature above normal room temperature.

Having the right temperature for your pet fish is essential for their health and stress levels. Having a heater in your aquarium is essential for maintaining stable temperatures to keep your fish happy and healthy. The Hopar H-813 range has implemented a variety of safety measures which will help protect you and your fish from heater failure. The BioPro/ Chosen H-813 range comes with a smash guard which will help protect your heater from large predatory fish. It also contains an automatic shut-off switch will be activated if the heater is taken out of water and also if the water temperature gets too high.

The BioPro / Chosen H-813 Range of heaters have a tolerance of only 0.5oC, which means that the temperature which the user sets is the temperature that the heater will function at. The H-813 has an LED display of the set temperature and also the current tank temperature for easy viewing and can help create the perfect environment for your fishy friends.