Aqua One Treatment Fungus & Finrot Remedy 150ml

Aqua One's fish pharmaceutical products are designed to give your fresh water fish a happy life. Aqua One Fungus and Fin Rot Remedy 150ml is designed to treat for common fungal infections like fin & tail rot diease in freshwater fish and also to help prevent the spread to other fish in your aquarium. Use Aqua One Fungus & Fin Rot Remedy 150ml with the confidence that Aqua One is one of Australia's most trusted fish brands.

1 x Aqua One Treatment Fungus & Finrot Remedy 150ml

Effective treatment against fungal infections in freshwater fish

Specially formulated for the treatment of Fungus, Fin & Tail rot in fish

Safe for majority of fish (see instructions for dosage rates)

Non copper based, so safe for tanks containing invertebrates

Approved for use by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA)