Aquaflux Pink Foam Roller Water Bottle 1.2Litres

Take your recovery to the next level with the Aquaflux Bottle - the most multifunctional water bottle on the market. Foam rolling and hydration are two of the most important aspects in keeping healthy and we have combined both needs into one simple device.

The Aquaflux Bottle features a solid stainless steel frame encased in a non toxic, BPA free EVA foam exterior that is expertly designed to recreate the feeling of a massage. It's expertly designed pattern stimulates blood flow and increases oxygen throughout your body. The silent sip straw also allows for easy drinking. Take it with you to the gym, yoga, training, pilates, travelling, EVERYWHERE - the Aquaflux Bottle is designed to be used 'on-the-go'.

BPA free & made from FDA recycled stainless steel through sustainable methods, you are doing your part for the environment by choosing the Aquaflux Bottle.

  • 2L / 40oz.
  • 13cm Diameter x 29cm Height
  • 150kg / 330lb max
  • 300g weight