Aquamunch Aquarium Tank Pond Floating Fish Food Goldfish Koi Pellets 6mm 6Kg Tub

Aquamunch Goldfish Koi Floating Pellets 6mm 6Kg Tub

Aquamunch Floating food has been formulated from fish and squid meal, which is closely replicated from their natural enviroment and food source. Fishmeal enhances the natural colour of your fish without man made hormones or additives.

Aquamunch Floating food has been extruded, which means that, if fed according to the recommended standard, it will not cloud your water.

Aquamunch Floating food is highly digestable which will assist with keeping your water enviroment clean for your fish. The recommended feeding dose is what your fish can eat in less than 1 minute. We recommend multiple smaller feeds, rather than larger feeds. We recommend left over food to be taken out of the tank.

Ingredients: Fish Meal, Suid Meal, Soya Bean Meal Wheat, Corn, Fish Oil, Amino Acids Vitamins and Minerals.