Aquatica 1200 Watt Transfer Pump - Clean Water Multistage Submersible Pump

TRANSFER Water Pump - Clean Water Multistage Submersible Pump - WPA-AQ1200-STP

TRANSFER PUMP – NON-Automated- Must be manually turned ON & OFF at the PowerPoint by the Operator


Made using German FAG Roller Bearings (Schaeffler Technologies Ag and Co.)

  • These Pumps have Multi-Stage Impellers to ensure water supplied powerfully with high pressure
  • The compact design of the pump has a vertical outlet and a comfortable ergonomic handle for easy transfer and operation.
  • This handle for lifting the pump in or out of a Pool, Tank, Pond, Dam etc is helpful if you need to hang / suspend the pump.
  • Low consumption electric motor with overload protection to ensure safe operation
  • Approved use for contact of Drinking Water as per Australian standard AS/NZS 4020
  • Comes with an 18 Months Warranty
  • Ideal usage for movement of clean water for Pumping Pools Dry, Filling pools from Tanks, Domestic General Garden Use etc.
  • The pumps are also ideal for Light Industrial use / Irrigation / Lawn Sprinkling and Water Transfer, etc.
  • The pump must be controlled by the user where it is NOT AUTOMATIC and must be turned On & Off at the PowerPoint for operation.

Stainless-Steel Submersible TRANSFER Pump is available in 2 performance and power options:

Pump Model Number - WPA-AQ1000-STP

P1 - Input Power Wattage

1000W - 1.0kW


Pump Model Number -WPA-AQ1200-STP

P2 - Output Power Wattage

1200W - 1.2kW



  • Stainless Steel Pump Body.
  • Vertical STAINLESS STEEL Outlet - 40mm with tapered “Christmas Tree“ fitting.
    Using German FAG Roller Bearings for the main shaft.
  • AISI 304 stainless steel welded shaft.
  • Multistage design using 3 x Impellers for the 1000 W Pump and 4 x Impellers for the 1200 W Pump.
  • Impellers made of cutting edge NORYL® - polymer as used in many space projects (modified PPO).
  • 1st Grade Motor using solid Copper Windings.
  • Stator and Rotor made of precision punched Silicon Steel Sheet.
  • Manufactured using #1 Italian Mechanical Seal by Meccanotecnica Umbra S.p.A. (MTU Group).
  • Built-in Run Dry of water Cut Out (should water source dry up)
  • Thermal Over-Load & Heating Protection.
  • 15m long 240 Volt power lead with standard 3 pin plug.


  • It can be used to Fill up Pools, Pump Pools dry, transfer clean water or other liquids with similar physical and non-corrosive properties as water.
  • Suitable for TRANSFERING WATER using Manual ON & OFF switching at the PowerPoint Domestic water pumping from rainwater tanks to pool & use MANUALLY with a garden hose, lawn sprinklers, manual irrigation, and general garden and household use like washing your Car, House etc.
  • It can also be used to Pump Pool out of excess water after storms or for maintenance work etc.

Basic Credentials

  • Input voltage frequency: AC240V / 50Hz
  • Insulation class: F - Protection class: IPX8
  • Maximum ambient temperature: +40ºC
  • Maximum liquid temperature: +40ºC
  • Motor made with solid Copper Winding
  • 15 meter long 240V power cord
  • MULTIPLE IMPELLERS MADE of Space Age Composite Material NORYL®
  • Maximum suction: 10 Meters
  • Maximum working pressure: 8 Bar
  • Start pressure: 2.2 Bar
  • Built-in Run Dry and Thermal Overheating Protector
  • 1.5 inch / 40 mm - #304 Stainless Steel Vertical Outlet

Functions, Features & Benefits

  • YOU ARE IN CONTROL – Pump must be turned ON & OFF by operator at the 240 Volt PowerPoint.
  • All Pumps have Run-Dry of Water Cut-Out Protection built-in.
  • Built-in Stainless-Steel screen as a filter to prevent impurities from entering the Pump body.
  • All Pumps in this range are Single Phase - 240 V / 50 Hz.
  • Manufactured by a Company with +10 years of manufacturing experience and distribution of Pumps around the world.
  • Sturdy Stainless anti-rust Pump Housing giving a durable and problem-free Pump.


Submersible Transfer Pump - 1200W - WPA-AQ-1200-STP

This SUBMERSIBLE MANUALLY ON-OFF OPERATED TRANSFER PUMP does come with the claimed Upgraded Internals as offered in the BUILT-IN AUTO PRESSURE CONTROL SYSTEM - & the same components as in the EXTERNAL FLOAT Operated Submersible Pumps- those Upgrades being GERMAN FAG-Shaffler Roller Bearings and MTU Italian Designed Mechanical Seals.

This TRANSFER PUMP is to be MANUALLY switched ON & OFF at the PowerPoint as ALL Transfer Pumps are designed to do.

The AUTOMATIC Pressure Control in the Pump has been DISCONNECTED**.**

The Pump is ideal for moving water from your Tank to Pool, Washing the House, Cars, Hosing, Watering Gardens, and Pots, etc.- but CAN NOT be CONTROLLED AUTOMATICALLY by closing the hose nozzle, or tap, etc.

The Pump is based on the TOP SHELF RRP- $745 Fully Automatic Model and you are Paying NOWHERE near that Price due to the inability & removal of ALL AUTOMATIC OPERATION.

The RRP of this Pump is $595. You either HAVE or are about to PURCHASE @ $189 including FREE DELIVERY* a TRANSFER Pump that will do more than its best for many Years at a HEAVILY DISCOUNTED PRICE of near 68% OFF the Automatic Models – again still inclusive of a Warranty and Upgraded Components – a TRUE & GENUINE BARGAIN – 2nd to NONE.

GRAB THEM while they are still available for Friends, Family, Mates, etc.- simply put – YOU will NOT Buy a better Pump for this money and achieve a huge saving of this nature.

Once this Shipment of Pumps are Gone there may well be NO MORE so grab it now –

DELIVERED FREE to your Door* for $189.00. (More than 68% OFF)


By Reading this and Clicking through to Purchase via our secure Shopping Trolley you kindly acknowledge exactly what you are buying – and that is a MANUAL OPERATED VERSION of the AUTOMATED PUMP noted on the Box – and with Only a 18 MONTH WARRANTY – all at a massive DISCOUNT of near 68% !

PLEASE NOTE in FINAL:- You by now reading – or clicking through to read this Document and where you are unable to purchase this Pump without reading and declaring you have read this notice hereby accept and understand all as written above – the Pump is NOT AUTOMATICALLY CONTROLLED – you must turn this Pump ON & OFF at the powerpoint & this TRANSFER PUMP comes with a 18 MONTH WARRANTY …

…and THAT’S why we are offering it at a near 68% DISCOUNT.

Aquatica 1200 Watt Transfer Pump - Clean Water Multistage Submersible Pump

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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 1 business day
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