Araven Mobile Food Storage Box 50Ltr

Efficiently store your food, with this Araven mobile food storage bin with lid (50Ltr). The wheels of this food storage bin allow you to effortlessly move it around your kitchen and save time and energy. The secure lid of this container will ensure your food stays fresher for longer and safe from contamination, which cuts down on your levels of waste and keeps your menu full-stocked. Supplied with sets of colour clips (red, yellow, green and blue), you can assign a colour to a particular type of food and prevent cross-contamination. Suitable for nesting and stacking, you save valuable space by combining multiples of this container together. Constructed from reinforced polypropylene plastic, this container is very strong to withstand heavy-duty commercial usage, limiting your need to buy replacements. The clear plastic of the container also allows for quick identification. The 50Ltr size of the container is a decent size for storing a large amount of food, which saves you money on buying multiple containers. Freezer safe for storing food at low temperatures, you can group food together and keep your freezer organised. This is an effective piece of food storage equipment from specialist brand Araven. Capacity: 50Ltr