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Arista Wireless 5.8GHZ AV Sender

Arista Wireless 5.8GHZ AV Sender

Duplicate the signal from one of the video devices in your home and display it on another TV - completely wirelessly!

Watch your pay TV subscription in another room without paying extra fees!

Up to 90 metre wireless range!

Even lets you control your video source with your remote control!

This product may sound a little confusing (don't worry, it's not), so if you're wondering - this is how this handy device works:

  • Connect the transmitter to a video source such as TV/DVD/VCR
  • Connect the receiver to a TV in another room - or outside!
  • The signal from your original device will be sent to the TV in the second location - through walls, doors and floors!
  • Using your source’s original remote control, the wireless AV sender will also control your source device from the second location - as though you were in the room!

It’s easy! In no time you’ll be watching whatever you want, wherever you want! It's great for watching your expensive pay TV subscription on a TV in another room! This device uses radio and infrared technologies to transmit signals with a range of up to 90 metres and is totally NTSC/PAL compatible. A must have for every home with multiple TVs!


  • Arista 5.8GHZ AV Sender
  • Duplicates the signal from one of the video devices in your home and display it another TV
  • Simple to set-up and use
  • Watch your pay TV on another TV with no extra fees!
  • 5.6GHZ wireless transmitter and receiver with 7 selectable channels
  • Transmissions range of up to 90 metres
  • NTSC/PAL video format compatible
  • Built-in wideband IR remote extender for extender
  • No more annoying interference of 2.5GHZ products
  • Compact size (cm): 12 x 6.5 x 3
  • 12 month warranty