Aristopet Heartworm Tablets 200mg

Aristopet Heartworm Tablets 200mg

Aristopet Heartworm Tablets 200mg can be given as a preventative medication to help reduce the risk of heartworm in dogs. These daily tablets can help to prevent heartworm in your pet dog by eliminating parasites and larvae that clog blood vessels and lead to heart failure, and can be safely dosed to your pet pup each day according to your pet s weight. The key features of Aristopet Heartworm Tablets 200mg are:

  • 200mg bottle of tablets.
  • Daily use helps to reduce the risk of your dog developing heartworm.
  • Safe for use on your pet as directed.
  • Destroys larvae of parasites that block vessels to the heart.
  • 3-9kg dogs: 1 quarter tablet.
  • 10-18kg dogs: 1 half tablet.
  • 19-36kg dogs. 1 whole tablet.

Active Ingredients: 200mg Diethylcarbamazine Citrate.

Aristopet is a trusted brand providing a range of veterinarian-approved health care products to keep your pet fit and healthy. They offer a selection of premium products for a variety of pets including dogs, cats and birds.

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