Arits DSM5A Maple Drumsticks with Wooden Tips 6 Pairs

Artist DSM5A Maple Drumsticks with Wooden Tips 6 Pairs

These drumsticks are made from Maple which is lighter and more flexible. It is also great for energy absorption making you feel less of hits on your hand. ;

The drumstick features a wooden tip which is a solid and good choice for almost every application ; A preferred tip for drummers who play heavy metal or rock and have a lot of aggressive rolling and fills particularly with the toms.

These are 5A drumsticks which are the most commonly used drumstick. Their weight, which is lighter than 2 ;but heavier than 7 drumsticks, make then versatile to be effective in most styles and genres ;

Our new and improved drumsticks now follow the length and diameter of Vic Firth Standard drumsticks

The Tech Features:

Brand:- Artist

Model:- DSM5A

Tips:- Wooden

Size:- 5A

Diameter- 14.4 mm

Length:- 406 mm

Quantity:- 6 pairs