Armaggeddon Keyboard Gaming Nighthawk KAI-5


Dual keyboard illumination: Laser etched keys coupled with the dual colored back-lighting gives a prominent keyboard illumination, making the KAI-5 ideal for gaming in the dark.

24 Programmable buttons: Headed by 12 additional keys with 2 Macro profiles, the KAI-5 can store up to 24 different Macros, with a profile switch key for easy cycling.

Gaming mode: Activate the gaming mode via a simple button to disable the windows key. You'll never be disturbed by that pesky little button while gaming ever again.

Marked key set: Additional WSAD and directional keys give a stylish finish to the KAI-5. It is also practical, with its grooves and markings to aid in lightning-quick keystrokes.

Designed with the essential Keyboard Active Illumination, our codenamed KAI-5 has been a popular choice amongst gamers. With its prominent back-lighting, you will have perfect vision of the keyboard which reduces the chance of hitting the wrong keys.

The KAI-5 comes with 12 built-in programmable buttons. Additional keys mean that you can have more commands at your disposal. Create your very own macros and customize the KAI-5 to match the game.

The KAI-5 comes with 2 Macro profiles colour coded into hot red and cool blue back-lighting. This prevents any confusion between profile switching, improving your game-play responsiveness. Be it the handful of spells in World of Warcraft, or simply adding macros for different games, additional macro keys are indispensable.


118 membrane silent switch and lifespan up to 10,000,000 keystrokes

11 programmable macro keys, on-the-fly profile switch.

3 customizable gaming software profiles

7 default multimedia control keys

Adjustable polling rate with custom setting 125 / 500 / 1000Hz.

Adjustable back-lighting intensity and colour (red, blue)

Gaming cluster with anti-ghosting capability

Additional WSAD and directional keys

1.5 meters multi-flex cord

Weight: Approximate 100 g - 3 kg


1 x Armaggeddon Keyboard Gaming Nighthawk KAI-5