Artificial Intelligence, Robots and the Law

Artificial Intelligence, Robots and the Law
ISBN: 9780409349450
Publication Date: 19 April 2020

Artificial Intelligence, Robots and the Law is a call to students, lawyers, technologists, academics, regulators and others to engage with the issues raised by new developments in these technologies. The authors take a systematic approach to defining the field and the many terms of art that have come to distinguish it. By doing so, they add to the creation of a consistent common language through which all parties can converse.

Theoretically rich, the book engages with socio-technical changes caused by developments in artificial intelligence and robotics, while identifying critical ethical and legal issues. It explains the application of law to new circumstances in areas such as tort, criminal and contract law, in addition to exploring the need for general law reform and technology-specific regulation.

While written from an Australian perspective, the authors add relevant examples from other jurisdictions, recognising the global impact and boundary-free nature of artificial intelligence. The authors explore several theoretical frameworks to clarify regulatory approaches to new technologies. They explain the theoretical underpinnings of law and regulation through which they explore the most critical areas affected by this area, including automated decision-making, privacy, liability and insurance, competition and consumer law, and the future of work.

The book is highly relevant to legal practitioners grappling with the law as it applies to these new technologies, regulators whose fields intersect with automated decision-making and robotics, and academics. It is invaluable for students seeking to understand the many legal and regulatory issues involved in this dynamic and challenging area.


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Artificial Intelligence, Robots and the Law

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