ATEM POWER 200W Folding Solar Panel Kit 12V Mono Flexible Camping SUPER LIGHT

When you are on the road,you may need flexible power support,nothing beats the eco-friendly nature of solar power!The 200W folding solar panel is a handy,portable device that's ideal for camping,caravanning and most outdoor activities.It's designed with german standard monocrystalline cells that guarantee you an effective output.It has a foldable design so you can take it wherever you need it.And thanks to its sturdy legs,it's able to support itself and have stability on uneven surfaces,in strong winds,and tough weather conditions.Best of all,there's no diy required-it's ready to use anywhere,anytime.

The panel is constructed solidly and with corner protectors so as not to damage it when moving.It can be folded neatly in seconds,and it conveniently portable with its sturdy carry handle and light-weight aluminium frame.Packing up is easy as well since the kit comes with a heavy-duty carry bag for easy carry and for extra protection of the panel when travelling or when not in use.Now,you and your loved ones get to enjoy power while camping-bring out a portable solar panel with you and access solar power anythere!Buy one today!

To get maximum efficiency when converting solar power into electricity, you want a solar panel that can absorb nearly every single photon of light, regardless of the sun's position in the sky." An untreated silicon solar cell only absorbs 67.4 percent of sunlight.By use nanoengineered reflective coating, our ATEM POWER solar panel could absorbed 96.21 percent of sunlight.The antireflective coating absorbs sunlight evenly and equally from all angles,enable more cost-efficient solar arrays. ATEM POWER Solar panels adopt seven solar layers, each with a height of 50 nanometers to 100 nanometers, are made up of silicon dioxide and titanium dioxide nanorods positioned at an oblique angle.


Maximum Power(Pmax) : 100W(Each Panel) Total 200W

Max Power Voltage : 18.40V (Each Panel)