AusCufflinks Men's Navy Reddish Pink Stripe Pocket Square

Navy Reddish Pink Stripe Pocket Square Add a little bit of bold colour to your every day suit with the Navy Reddish Pink Stripe Pocket Square. You'll be bringing a touch of passionate red & pink to mesh effortlessly with a classic navy blue for a traditional look that never falls out of fashion trends. A nice formal accessory, these squares make excellent wedding accessories that will look amazing both during the ceremony and at the more casual reception. It is for this reason that they also are great groomsmen. Order your own and see why this is one of the best accessories shops Australia has to offer!

Pocket Square Measurements Length & Width of Pocket Square - 22cm (8.66 inches) x 22cm (8.66 inches)

Pocket Square Guide Includes a handy guide on how to fold a pocket square!
3 of the most popular folds are explained in clear detail on the back of the pocket square packaging.
If you're looking for gift ideas for men, these are perfect.

Premium Stitching & Lining The fabric is made from a 1200 needle count which is higher grade than the usual 960 needle count most pocket squares are made from.

5 Year Warranty

Made From
100% Microfibre