Australian Creams 100g Goats Milk & Manuka Honey Moisturising Hydrating Cream

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Australian Creams 100g Goats Milk & Manuka Honey Moisturising Cream

Australian Creams MKII Goats Milk & Manuka Honey Cream features Goats Milk, a natural wonder rich in many beneficial nutrients including essential proteins, vitamin A, B12, B6, E, amino acids, minerals & natural lactic acid which help soften and rejuvenate you skin. It also contributes to the regulating of the pH balance of your skin and stimulates healthy skin renewal.
Australian Native Manuka Honey is super nourishing, moisturising and a natural humectant, keeping your skin soft and hydrated. It is renowned for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities.
This cream keeps the skin soft and hydrated and promotes a natural healthy complexion. Great option for combination and oily skin types.
Paraben and Mineral Oil Free, it features Sunflower and Sweet Almond Oils for more benefits to your skin.

Size: 100g
Formulation: Cream

1 x 100g Moisturising Cream