Avanti 3 Cup Coffee Plunger 375Ml

Plunger coffee produces a heavy bodied, richly flavoured and aromatic coffee.

You can make a strong black coffee base for a latte or cappuccino, make a long black by adding boiled water or make a flat white by adding boiled milk.

Use fresh or filtered water. Water that has already been boiled, distilled or bottled water will not have the oxygen needed to develop a full flavour.

Allow boiled water to stand for one minute. Pouring boiling water over the coffee grounds could burn it and create a bitter taste.

Durable and heat resistant borosilicate glass
Glass beaker is microwave and dishwasher safe
Use medium grind coffee that has been freshly ground for best results (finely ground coffee can clog the filter and make it difficult to push the plunger down)
Approx. 15cm tall
375ml/3cup capacity
Includes plastic coffee scoop
Instructions provided