Avanti ClassicPro Espresso Coffee Maker 3 Cup

Quickly brew up a full-flavoured espresso coffee in the 3 Cup Avanti ClassicPro Espresso Maker and share a cup and crisp biscotti with a good friend. Made from quality cast aluminum, the coffee maker combines traditional styling with an appealing matte finish. Brew your favourite freshly roasted and ground coffee beans, letting the rich aroma tempt your senses as it brews on your gas, electric or ceramic stovetop then indulge in a stimulating pick-me-up during your busy day.Using the natural pressure of steam to create a slightly more delicate flavoured coffee, this distinctive coffee maker features a hinged lid for your convenience and safety while the handle is shaped for a firm grip, away from the heat. It is easy to dismantle and clean by hand washing or in the dishwasher and has a small stovetop or pantry footprint.

Construction: Cast Aluminum
Capacity: 3 cups
Features: Satin finish Hinged lid Handle shaped for secure grip Stable base
Colour: Silver
Cleaning/Care: Dishwasher / Hand wash
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty