Avanti Coffee Tamper

This great value Avanti Coffee Tamper will make sure your coffee grounds are compressed and evenly distributed, ready to resist the high pressured water of the espresso machine.

The firmer the press the better the taste- the water takes longer to pass through, thereby absorbing more of the aromatic flavour of your favourite roasted blend.

About Avanti

For elegant solutions to everyday needs, Avanti is the name Australia depends on. The Avanti range features hundreds of products to choose from - simple solutions that will make everyday life in and out of the kitchen easier. Offering the widest selection of designs on the market, Avanti has products that are perfect for every age group and every skill level in the kitchen. From barware to kitchen tools, storage to chopping boards, Avanti has your every need covered.

Construction: Aluminium
Diameter: Top part: 5.5cm Bottom part: 2.5cm
Features: Compresses coffee in filter
Colour: Silver
Cleaning/care: Hand wash
Warranty: Quality assured
Made in: China