Avanti Tea Spoon Infuser

Brew up your signature blend of tea leaves or dried herbals in the easy to use Avanti Tea Spoon Infuser. Brew up a cup for one, directly in your mug and let the fine perforations filter. the leaves as your tea steeps in the boiling water. When youÕre done, simply squeeze the easy action. handle to open, empty the used leaves and rinse clean, ready for your next cuppa. .

About Avanti

Avanti is an innovative leader in the development of functional and high quality homeware products. In your kitchen and around your home, Avanti provides solutions from barware to kitchen tools, and has been a dependable household name for nearly 20 years.

Construction: Stainless steel
Features: Fine perforationsEasy open/close action
Cleaning/Care: Hand wash
Made in: China