Axiom Childrens Drum Set - Blue

Childrens Drum Kit

Childrens Drum Kit? Have you got a budding Ringo Starr in the family? Our Childrens drum kit is for you! The AXIOM range ofÿdrum kitsÿoffer amazing quality for the price. Unlike other "budget" drum kits. our kits are heavy duty and feature quality timberÿshells.ÿAll theÿhardwareÿon the AXIOM kitsÿis heavy duty and will give many years of service.

The Axiom DSET70A Childrens kit is not a toy, but a genuine small sized drum set aimed at giving budding drummers the chance to start playing on a kit which places everything within their reach. Ideal age for this kit is 3 - 7. It is not suitable for larger children or adults!

The kit includes a 14" Bass Drum, and 8" Snare Drum, an 8" Tom Tom and an 8" Cymbal. A childrens sized drum stool and a pair of stocks completes the package.ÿThis kit is finished in a lovely Gloss Blue Finish.

3-PC Junior Drum Set

  • Bass drum 14'*8'
  • Snare drum 8'*3'
  • Tom Tom 8'*4'
  • With pedal
  • Cymbal 8'*1
  • Drum stick 1 pair
  • With drum throne