AZIO Retro Classic BT Bluetooth Backlit ARTISAN Mechanical Keyboard

Retro Typewriter Style Bluetooth Keyboard - Alloy Leather Trim ARTISAN

  • What a blast from the past, hey? A nostalgic classic is reborn with modern innovations with a timeless design that's fit for composing literary masterpieces, and we introduce to you the AZIO Retro Classic; a typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard.

    Vintage typewriters inspire the AZIO Retro Classic to be what it is & is crafted with ultramodern features. The keyboard is the perfect amalgam of past, present & future. A backlit mechanical keyboard which features round keycaps that evokes the nostalgia of yesteryear complemented with a durable Zinc Alloy frame & a sumptuous genuine leather or wood surface. By utilizing feedback from AZIO's customers, they've been able to present not only the evolution of their original MK Retro Keyboards but also the most luxurious mechanical keyboard available today.