AZIO Retro Vintage Classic Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard Alloy Elwood

Typewriter Style Keyboard - Alloy Elwood

  • Woah, what a blast from the past... A nostalgic classic has been reborn with modern innovations; a timeless design fit for composing literary masterpieces. We introduce to you the AZIO MK Retro range, a typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard.

    The AZIO MK Retro is a mechanical keyboard with unique features such as the curvilinear chrome trims, high gloss surface, hand-crafted round keycaps, pillar style feet, tubular LED Lights & classic fonts. The keyboard is incorporated with clicky mechanical switches that give off satisfying tactile feedback which is reminiscent of old-school typewriters. All of the details are carefully crafted & curated to provide a one of a kind user experience that everyone will love.

  • Vintage Type-Writer Style Keycaps

  • Mechanical Keyboard Keys

  • Adjustable Pillar Feet to achieve optimal wrist position by adjusting the height of the pillar style feet

  • Full Key Rollover through USB to never miss a stroke and press as many keys as you like

  • Easily Accessible Hot-Keys for direct access to shortcuts for productivity, Internet and multimedia functions

  • Unique Keycap Socket is designed to prevent dust and liquid from entering the key switches which offers spill & dist resistance