Azur Force Poly Bottle Cage

Say Goodbye To Rattling Water Bottles
Shock resistant and lightweight the AZUR FORCE BOTTLE CAGE is compatible with most types of bottles. It features a frame-mounted design and will keep your bottle from rattling when the bike is in motion.

High-Strength Polycarbonate Bottle Cage
Constructed from high-strength Polycarbonate for a long service life the AZUR FORCE BOTTLE CAGE will securely grip your on-board water bottle and keep it within easy reach so you remain hydrated at all times.
• Azur Force Polycarbonate Bottle Cage
• Suits most types of bottles
• Shock resistant
• High-strength Polycarbonate
• Lightweight
• Securely grips bottle
• No-rattle fit
• Excellent flexibility
• Mounts easily to bicycle frame
• Holds your bottle snugly and securely

Cage Specifications
• Cage Type: Frame Mounted
• Material: Polycarbonate