Baccarat Barista Brillante 9 Cup Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker

The Baccarat Barista Brillante Espresso Maker is made from high grade aluminium or quality stainless steel comprising of five main parts: Lower chamber, Filter Funnel, Gasket, Flat Filter and Upper Chamber. The Espresso Maker functions when heat pressurized water and steam is forced through the funnel into the grounded coffee before being filtered in to the top chamber ready to serve. The Espresso Maker is extremely easy to use, just select your favourite coffee, alter the amount of coffee placed into the filter to your desired strength, and you've got cafe style espresso coffee in your own home.
* Traditional Italian design enables you to brew deliciously rich, robust coffee from the stove
* High quality aluminum
* Stay cool phenolic handles
* Suitable for gas, electric, ceramic and halogen cooktops
* Includes a replacement silicone gasket
* Backed by Baccarat's Lifetime Guarantee
H23 x L18 x W11.2cm, Weight: .66kg