Baccarat Granite Non Stick Frypan 28cm Frying Pan Stone Like Coating

The Baccarat Granite Frypan 28cm features a natural innovative cooking surface and gives a unique cooking experience that is just like cooking on hot stone. The Baccarat Granite Frypan 28cm has a Heatflex full induction plate making it suitable for all cooktops including induction as well as an environmentally friendly, PFOA pollution free, non-stick coating. There is no need for oil when cooking with the Baccarat Granite Frypan 28cm thanks to its granite non-stick interior coating, meaning fat free, healthy cooking and easy cleaning. The Baccarat Granite Frypan 28cm boasts the hardest scratch resistant surface and the cast aluminium body ensures even, quick heat distribution, reducing cooking times and saving energy and fuel. The Baccarat Granite Frypan 28cm is a must have for any health conscious, environmentally friendly, economical cook and is backed by Baccarat's lifetime guarantee so you can be assured of the high quality.
* Non-stick coating that is environment friendly and PFOA pollution free
* Healthy fat free cooking, no need to cook with any fats or oils
* Heatflex full induction plate - suitable for all cooktops. Oven and dishwasher safe
* Hardest scratch resistant surface
* Extremely durable cast aluminium body - even and rapid heat distribution
* Ergonomic soft touch handle