Bad People Party Game


Did you ever get the feeling one of your friends is secretly running an underground lab? Maybe you think one of them is particularly likely to join a cult, or lie about their age?

Would you ever tell them that to their face...?

Well, you'll get the chance when you lay all your cards on the table playing this hilarious party game!

Bad People is the side-splitting new card game that's about to take over every party you have for the rest of time. You might think you're ready to share EXACTLY what you think of your friends... But are you ready to be confronted with the brutal truth about what they think of you?!

Who would be the worst sex line operator? Who would help you bury a dead body? You'll find out when you sit down to vote on your friends. But just be ready to take the hit if the answer is you!

You'll be crying with laughter (and also just crying) when you play this with friends. Up the ante with the optional drinking rules if you dare.


  • Find out what your friends REALLY think
  • Possibly brutal, definitely hilarious
  • The party game you probably shouldn't play...
  • ...But will definitely play again!
  • You'll laugh, cry, scream and swear


  • Ages: 17 and up
  • Players: 3 to 10
  • Inclusions: 290 cards, 1 instruction sheet, 1 scoring pad, 1 pencil
  • Measurements (box): 14.3 x 7.5 x 11.5 cms

Bad People Party Game

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