Bakermax Infrared High Performance Double Deck Oven

The Bakermax GU-4 Infrared High Performance Double Deck Oven accommodates 4mmx600x400 trays, which are included with the unit. Ideal for pizza and bakery products, it has a solid steel construction with a coated steel outer and is extremely well insulated for optimal performance. This in an energy efficient option offering temperatures up to 300°C. Each deck is fitted with accurate digital controls for top and bottom elements, as well as door windows and light inside for visibility and ease of use.

Product Features:

-Double Deck with Steel Sole
-4×600×400mm trays (included)
-Steel sole
-Door windows
-Light inside each deck
-Temp. up to 300°C
-Energy Efficient
-Each deck has accurate digital controls for top & bottom elements
-Extremely well insulated
-Solid stainless steel construction with coated steel outer
-Will take 4×600×400mm trays (included)
-Interior each deck: 2x 850mmW×650D×220H
-Net Weight 200Kg
-Dimensions: 1270mmW x 900D x 1260H
-Power Requirements: 415V; 13.6kW; 3~N

Warranty: 1 Year

Product Height: 1260mm

Product Width: 1270mm

Product Depth: 900mm

Product Weight: 200kg

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