BALDR Digital Thermo-Hygrometer Weather Station - White

This thermo-hygrometer station is necessary for each house. Current temperature display with min/max data display simultaneously. Temperature display with arrow trend. So you can know the temperature trend and make schedule beforehand. Current humidity display with min/max data display. Humidity display with arrow trend. So you can see the humidity trend and to open your humidifier or dehumidifier.


  1. Measures Humidity and Temperature (F/C).
  2. Max and Min of Humidity and Temperature Display.
  3. Arrow Trends for Both Humidity and Temperature.
  4. Comfort Level Icon.
  5. Low Battery Indicator.
  6. Powered By 2*AAA Batteries(Not Included).

Item Size: 3”L*1.5”W*4.17”H (76*38*106mm)
Net weight:71g Package weight: 130g

Package contains:
1pc*B0109TH Thermo-hygrometer Station ; 1*Instruction Manual