Ballarini Matera Granitium Stone Nonstick 28cm Frying Pan Black/Grey

Matera, the luxury collection with a coating of Granitium, the non-stick surface with a heart of stone reinforced with mineral particles. With Granitium results are guaranteed. The even distribution of heat, the strength of the mineral particles and the rougher surface are a promise of healthy cooking and authentic, even more natural flavours. And it is possible to save energy thanks to Thermopoint: the frying pans, steak pan and pasta pan are equipped with a special device that changes colour from green to red when the utensil has reached the perfect temperature to begin cooking. At this point you can turn down the heat and save energy.


Diameter: 28cm

Type: Non-stick Stoneware

Weight: 862g

Guarantee: 5 Years*


  • Granitium: extremely resistant non-stick coating composed of 4 layers reinforced with mineral particles for ultra intensive use. High heat resistant, maximum recommended temperature for retaining food properties when cooking without liquids - e.g. when grilling - 250°C. Resistant to metal utensils.
  • Tested quality: Ballarini also has ongoing controls performed by respected international agencies such as Neotron (Italy), LGA (Germany), and the Danish Institute (Denmark) to ensure that the company’s non-stick coatings are completely suitable and safe for use with foodstuffs.
  • Thermopoint: Heat indicator, indicates the ideal temperature for energy-saving frying. Cooking utensils that are used directly over a flame like frying pans, deep sautepans and grill pans have this device.
  • Food-safe aluminium thick body.
  • Handle made of phenolic resins and techno-polymer : Highly thermo-insulating, oven proof up to 160°C.