Bamboo Nappy Liners insert Biodegradable Anti-Bacterial 1 Roll = 200 sheets

Bamboo Nappy/Diaper Liners/Inserts PREMIUM Quality cloth/disposable

Comfy Solutions Nappy Liners are top quality liners at cost effective prices. Give your baby the most comfortable experience while saving around 6,000 disposable nappies from going to landfill, this is the average that a bubs uses until they graduate to underwear.

Multi-purpose, these can also be used as environmentally friendly baby/adult wipes, also with incontinence pants.

These can be used with any cloth nappies.


o Natural and unbleached

o Biodegradable

o Anti-bacterial

o Hypoallergenic

o Alcohol Free

o Fragrance Free

o Compostable

o 1 x 200 Sheet Pack

o Size 15x30cm

Flush-ability: Following recommendations by the VIC Government and Waste Management sites we do not encourage the flushing of any liners. Both to reduce the impact on the environment and also due to potential issues with aged waste management systems.