Bamix Classic Magic Wand Aqua

Bamix Classic Magic Wand Mixer Aqua

Perfect for the home cook this classic version of the Bamix Wand Mixer. It features the same quality build and powerful 140 Watt moter that Bamix is legendary for, but comes with just a single multipurpose blade.

Bamix has three major advantages over every other mixer on the market.

Its versatile. Bamix® can do almost everything a large food processor can do - and it does it in any receptacle, even in a pot on the stove. bamix® mixes, purées, emulsifies, aerates, chops, grinds etc.. It works extremely small but also large quantities. This is the reason why bamix® is really used on a daily basis.

Its simple. Bamix® does a maximum of work with a minimum of accessories. bamix® is extremely handy, amazingly light weight, requires a minimum of space... and it is cleaned in seconds!

Its quality. Bamix® is produced from the best possible materials and with the highest possible precision. The motor is especially engineered for bamix® and is entirely produced in our own factory in Switzerland. The drive shaft is a high precision assembly with extremely tight tolerances.



  • Made in Switzerland