Bamix Wet/Dry Processor

Of the many attachments available for your Bamix blender, this wet and dry processor is the most versatile.

By transforming your Bamix into a mini food processor, it lets you grind spices, chop herbs, mince garlic, blend heavy sauces and more, all at the touch of a button. Hand washing is recommended for this accessory.

Bamix revolutionized cooking by first introducing the world to the stick blender in 1955. With many of its original models still in use today, Bamix blenders are renowned for their power, their durability, and their efficiency.

A company that values quality above quantity, Bamix focuses on making one product and making it well. Bamix stick blenders and accessories are constructed from the highest quality materials and manufactured to exacting standards entirely in Switzerland.

Construction Stainless steel and plastic
Dimensions 13cm x 13cm x 10.5cm
Capacity 200ml
Cleaning and care Handwash only
Warranty 1 year
Made in Switzerland