Baron Static Electric Oven

Static electric oven. Suitable for mounting bench model appliances on top. Can be used with lower & upper elements at the same time or upper only for grilling. Total power - 3 phase, 6kW.

The 900 BARON line is made in compliance with strict European Standards in terms of safety, hygiene, reliability and respect for the environmental and is certified under international standards such as CE, GOST, AGA and others. Stainless steel with scotch-brite finish heightens the aesthetic appeal, and the technological and ergonomic innovation of this equipment. Thanks to great compositional flexibility, cook tops can be matched with oven bases and accessorised with hygienic finishes. Customised line-ups are possible by combining and fixing the equipment back to back, flushed sideways with perfectly sealed connections, or by creating
“bridge” structures, offering top solutions to any chef.

Basic Range Features:

-2 mm thick moulded tops;
-2” height adjustable stainless steel feet;
-Removable control panel for access, moulded and shaped to avoid withholding
-Recessed, tilted and ergonomic knobs.

Technical/Functional Characteristics

-Independently adjustable stainless steel heating element units positioned at the top and below the cooking area base plate;
-Thermostatic control of range temperature from 100°C to 300°C;
-“Powered appliance” indicator light;
-“Set temperature reached” indicating light

800 mm Width
830 mm Depth
620 mm Height

Warranty: 12

Product Height: 650mm

Product Width: 800mm

Product Depth: 900mm

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