Bartender 1L Soda Water Siphon Syphon w 20pc Kayser Chargers Barware Sparkling

SKU: KC02-10_2PK_7051S

Bartender 1L Soda Siphon is great in turning simple water into a sparkling one!

Made of aluminium and plastic and is an ideal product for both the kitchen and the bar.

Perfect for turning plain water into sparkling soda, making healthy soft drinks and delicious cocktails. ;

Make the perfect and healthy beverage right now using Bartender 1L Soda Siphon!

Care Instructions: Handwash Recommended Only.

Colour: Silver

Capacity: 1L

Construction: Plastic/Aluminium

Handwash Only

Create your own sparkling drink at home with the Kayser 20pc Soda Charger Bulbs!

The bulbs are made of steel that can create up to 1 litre of sparkling water.

Each bulb contains 8 grams of pure Carbon Dioxide and is checked for the accurate gas content.

Set of 20

Content: 8g

Construction: Steel

1-year warranty.