Bas Phillips Hayman Zero Twist Bath Mat 800GSM White

The Bas Phillips Hayman Zero Twist Bath Mat is an indulgence for your feet as you step out of the shower or bathtub. Made from 800GSM white cotton, the soft and plush texture ensures superior absorbency while maintaining a lavish feel against your skin. The Bas Phillips Hayman Zero Twist Bath Mat employs a new trend in bathroom towel technology which prevents twist on the cotton. The bath mat can be matched to the full sized towels, hand towels and face washers for a complete set that adds a modern and elegant touch to any bathroom.
* Made from 100% cotton for ultimate softness
* Using new technology, this piece has been constructed with one side using ''zero twist'' giving a wonderfully soft and comfortable bath mat
* 800GSM to ensure that you will be comfortable no matter what
* Simple yet sleek design that is sure to fit within any bathroom
* Easy to clean to make it convenient for you
* Create a stylish bathroom that will make you proud
* Alternate colours available, so you can match to your bathroom theme