Basic Collection Mattress

The Knitting fabric of the Basic Collection II mattress is soft to medium firmness. Its high-quality foam is just what you need to sleep deeply comfortably. This mattress brings sleeping to a whole new level.

The Basic Collection II mattress has 25 density foam which perfectly adjusts comfortness without giving in too much. You will sleep like a baby, wake up feeling rested and will be more active and have less stress during the day.


  • Knitting fabric
  • 3 cm wave foam
  • Pocket spring (4 sides harder)
  • Sides: 3 D fabric
  • Thickness of the mattress: 25 cm
  • Firmness : Soft to Medium
  • Available sizes: Single, King Single, Double, Queen and King
  • Packing style: Rolled up in a box


Basic Collection Mattress


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