Be Amazing Toys Snow Pets Single Unit

Snow Pets are the ultimate surprise toy that kids all over the globe are going to go crazy for! Each Snow Pet has its own personality and they cannot wait to be best friends with your child. Which Snow Pet will you get here? There are eight fantastic characters to play with. Harriet the Rabbit, Charlie the Snow Leopard, Poppy the Polar Bear, and Skye the Snow Owl are just a few of the characters that could be hiding inside the snowy surprise egg! What makes the Snow Pets so much more fun than other surprise toys is that your child gets to fill the egg with water. The snow will slowly disappear and then their new little buddy will be revealed. Each Snow Pet can be displayed, played with, or placed on a pencil! Snow Pets are an adorable and affordable way for a child to have some fun and start a new and exciting collection. There are eight Snow Pets to collect, but there are also special glitter versions of each character hiding as well! Suitable for ages 3 and up Key Features 8 awesome little Snow Pets to collect Each pack features one Snow Pet and a magically melting snowball Very affordable Snow Pets can be used as a pencil topper They are cute and adorable!


Snow Pets are adorable animals who are ready to come and play! Each Snow Pet has a special personality that they bring to Snowy Falls, and they cannot wait to share it with you! Who will you reveal? Pour water into the snowball to create an eruption of snow! Give your snowball a little squeeze in the middle, and the snowcap will pop off! Inside, you will find your new best friend - one of eight Snow Pets. After you reveal, immediate take your Snow Pet to play in the snow you just made! Each of the eight Series One Snow Pets has a RARE ICY TWIN! Your Snow Pets are also a pencil topper so you can take them anywhere! Collect all 16 Snow Pets!

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Introduce Your Kids to A New Snowy World!

If you want to keep your kids occupied with a new and fun hobby and show them how entertaining a new collection of figurines could be, then we have got just the thing to help you do exactly that, a new collection of cute surprise Snow Pets for you.

The Ultimate Surprise Snow Pet Collectibles by Be Amazing! Toys!

The Snow Pets are ready to introduce you to the magical world of the secret Snowy Falls village. Unwrap your mysterious magic snowball to reveal what it's hiding: your new unique Snow Pet friend! A new journey of friendship and adventure will begin when you fill the snowball with water - just wait and see what happens!

Start Your Cute Pet Collection Now

Now is your chance to create a one-of-a-kind collection of cute Snow Pets. The Be Amazing! Toys Snow Pets are lovable creatures that are eager to come and play with you! Each snow pet has a special personality that makes him or her unique, just like you! Collect all 8 cuties and their secret crystal ice twins and play in the snow with all of them.

Be Amazing Toys Snow Pets Single Unit


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Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 3 business days
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