Bell And Bone Chicken With Broccoli And Ginger 150g

  • Grain-Free
  • No Preservatives
  • Australian Made

Inner wellbeing starts with feeling calm and happy. Freeze-dried, these treats contain raw nutrients, lean protein and natural ingredients to support digestion.


Our dog food is natural, just read the ingredient list. Every ingredient has been carefully selected for the benefit it provides:

Chicken, Coconut, Sardine, Broccoli, Ginger.


CHICKEN: Chicken is a great choice for canine health and wellbeing. It is rich in protein and great for the heart and stable metabolism.

BROCCOLI: A great source of fibre, broccoli gets the digestive system going. It also contains Vitamin C vital for inner health.

GINGER: Ginger can prevent nausea and bloat, which are common in larger dogs. It is an anti-inflammatory, which supports immunity, bones and joints.

Dimensions(mm): 210Hx140Wx60D

COCONUT: Coconut is an amazing superfood for canine digestive health, strong bones and shiny coats.