Belt Sander BBS/S (220-240V)

This compact and powerful little sander incorporates a left-justified belt that allows you to work right to the edges/corners of surfaces. The spring tensioning system allows you to replace sanding belts without the need for tools, and the rollers are carefully designed to prevent lateral roll-off.

Using the included screw-clamp, the belt sander can be inverted and fastened to the bench to be used as a workstation. To get you started, we include ten corundum (aluminium oxide) belts.

Included components:

  • five 120grit and five 240grit grinding belts
  • delivered in a durable polypropylene carry case
  • clamp for operation as a bench-mounted workstation

Technical specifications

  • speed: 160mpm
  • sanding area: 60mm by 40mm
  • maximum power consumption: 150W
  • quiet running gearbox
  • glass-fibre reinforced polyamide housing
  • mass: 700g
  • length: 175mm
  • EU Class-2 insulation

Product Manual (including spare parts list) available below:

28526 Manual