BenQ EW2480 23.8" 75Hz Full HD HDR FreeSync Eye-Care IPS Monitor

24" BenQ EW2480

The BenQ monitor will provide your PC with a panel with a 24" display size. The aspect ratio of the device is 16:9. The monitor is equipped with the IPS technology, boasting ;**natural colours ;****and great viewing angles. ;**The monitor sports a 1920 × 1080px resolution. The 5ms response is fast enough for standard office work or multimedia entertainment. The 60Hz refresh rate is what you would get with most monitors currently available . BenQ set the brightness at 250cd/m2. More advanced users will be interested in the colour depth, which for this model is 8 bit. The device is equipped with HDMI 2.0 for PC connectivity.

24" BenQ EW2480 LCD Monitor Key Features

  • **24" ;**screen size
  • 1920 × 1080px resolution
  • IPS technology
  • **A matte screen ;**prevents sun glare
  • 5ms response and 60Hz refresh rate
  • Maximum screen brightness 250 cd/m2
  • The monitor is compatible with VESA mounts
  • Speakers for comfortable listening
  • Enjoy better sleep quality thanks to the integrated blue light filter
  • Listed power consumption of the 24" BenQ EW2480 is 30W

24" BenQ EW2480 Monitor Construction

The BenQ screen takes up a space of 53.7 × 41.6 × 18.6cm. ;**The monitor comes with a classic stand, but ;****you can also install it on the wall ;****with a VESA mount. ;**The device weights 3.6kg. A welcome addition are the integrated speakers, with a good audio quality suitable for people who don't feel like investing in dedicated speakers. One key parameter is the input signal; in case of the 24" BenQ EW2480 it's HDMI 2.0. Headphones or speakers can be connected directly to the monitor.

The 24" BenQ EW2480 Has Multiple State-Of-The-Art Functions

**If you tend to spend your evenings in front of your PC, ;****the monitor has ;****a special blue light filter, ;**which improves your sleep quality. There's also the Flicker-free function, allaying eye pain and fatigue.

BenQ EW2480 23.8" 75Hz Full HD HDR FreeSync Eye-Care IPS Monitor


Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 3 business days
Marketplace - Leaves warehouse in 3 business days
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