beyerdynamic Fox USB Microphone

We have always been at the side of musicians wherever music is made.
On stages throughout the world in studios across cities and now we can accompany them to the ends of the earth.

Studio-quality microphone technology

The beyerdynamic FOX features a high-quality microphone capsule as found in professional studio microphones around the world. This large-membrane condenser microphone provides high sensitivity compared to common dynamic microphones. This means that even quiet sounds and the finest nuances can be captured perfectly. The cardioid polar pattern shields against rear-incident noise providing ideal protection against background noise. The elastic suspension on the microphone capsule prevents structure-borne noise - eliminating footsteps and fret noises. The microphone capsules high quality is no accident beyerdynamic has more than 90 years of experience in developing and constructing a wide variety of microphones. beyerdynamic has been responsible for the audio quality of countless music sound and television productions. The new FOX provides beginners with access to the results of this extensive wealth of experience.

Plug-and-play no complicated assembly

One of the great strengths of the beyerdynamic FOX is its simplicity. Microphone recordings normally require a preamplifier and an AD converter as well as a microphone. If you then want to listen to the recording you need a DA converter and headphone amplifier or loudspeakers. Not so with the FOX A USB cable a computer and a pair of headphones like the DT 770 are all you need to make first-class productions quickly and easily. The engineers at beyerdynamic have managed to fit all the components you need for professional recording into the compact FOX. Integrated Cirrus Logic converters offer up to 24 bit at a sampling frequency of 96 kHz that means sophisticated studio quality. But set-up is still remarkably simple a single USB cable links the microphone to a computer the headphones plug directly into the microphone.

Range of functions and scope of delivery for an immediate start

The beyerdynamic FOX combines a microphone preamplifier converter and headphone amplifier and is still accessible and easy to use. An adjuster on the front controls the volume for the powerful headphone amplifier. Another adjuster sends the microphone signal to the headphones giving you instant control. A button on the back of the microphone regulates the gain and enables use of the FOX for especially loud sources. A mute button makes it easy to for example cut the sound of a cough during live online transmissions. Beyerdynamic supplies the FOX with a range of accessories for immediate use. A pop shield prevents disruptive popping noises when talking a base allows you to position the microphone on a table or lectern and a clamp allows you to mount it to a microphone stand. An orange USB cable sets an additional highlight as well as a thread adapter 5/8-3/8 which is also included.

Studio quality on the move

Another advantage of the ultra-compact beyerdynamic FOX is the system's portability. Instead of requiring a microphone preamplifier converter and a variety of connecting cables the compact microphone and USB cable are all you need for perfect recordings when on the go. FOX is even compatible with mobile devices on iOS and Android if the right adaptor is available. This makes it easy to record with the highest sound requirements anywhere and with minimal effort.


Transducer type Condenser (back electret)
Operating principle Pressure gradient
Frequency response 70 - 20 000 Hz
Polar pattern Cardioid
Sensitivity at 94 dB SPL / 1 kHz -15 dBFS / -33 dBFS
Self noise -88.5 / -107 dBFS A-weighted
Max. SPL at 1 kHz 97.5 / 97.5 dB SPL
Dynamic range 77 / 77.5 dB A-weighted
Power supply USB

Headphone output
Output power into 16 ohm 32 mW
Output power into 80 ohm 13 mW
Frequency response 20 - 20 000 Hz
Dynamic range 98 dB A-weighted

Supplied Accessories

1 x Wind shield
1 x USB cable
1 x Desk stand