Bezzera Matrix Coffee Machine - Matrix

When the Bezzera Matrix Coffee Machine debut at the world's largest kitchen show in 2017, it turned heads with its dual boilers and PIDs, optional E61 or BZ group heads, and LED-lit side panels. It was clear to everyone that home espresso was entering a new era of pro-level features, improved reliability, and stunning design.

High-End Modern Espresso For Home

The Bezzera Matrix sits with a rare few at the top of the home espresso mountain, enabling home baristas to achieve an espresso experience that was impossible just a few years ago: intuitive, beautiful, and powerful.

The machine features dual boilers-0.45L for brew and 1.05L for steam-allowing you to pull shots and steam milk without impacting the pressure or temperature of the other boiler. And with the option to use the included 4L water tank or directly plumb into your water line, you'll be pulling shots for ages.

The intuitive LED touch display enables you to manipulate the pressure and temperature for each boiler, giving near-unrivaled control for a home coffee machine. You can also change the LED-lit side panels to any colour using the touch display, giving the machine the ability to fit into any space or mood.

E61 vs DE Models

The Bezzera Matrix offers a rare choice between two group types: the classic E61 group (MN model) or Bezzera's own BZ group (DE model).

The MN machine features the beloved E61 group, which constantly funnels hot water through the group to keep it at a steady temperature.

The DE model-with Bezzera's own BZ group-features two electronic heating elements that keeps the entire group a steady temperature while requiring virtually zero maintenance. The group also has its own PID (the third of the machine), so you can control the group temperature precisely.

Pulling Shots With The Bezzera Matrix

The DE model features five shot options above the group: single, double, septuple, octuple shot brewing, or manual use. Four of these can be programmed volumetrically using the touch display. The MN Matrix's E61 group enables regular shot pulling with a simple on/off switch.

The cup warmer atop the machine ensure you never accidentally pull hot espresso into cold cups. And the 360o steam and hot water wands-accented with wood-grained handles and easy-touch control-make steaming milk for a cappuccino or flat white feel natural and easy.

Bezzera Matrix Coffee Machine Features Premium Home Espresso - A top-performer among home machines, with modern pro-level features that turn everyday coffee lovers into savvy at-home baristas.

Dual Boilers + Dual PIDs - Dual PIDs enable you to customize the pressure and temperature of both the 0.45L brew and 1.05L steam boilers.

Optional E61 or BZ Volumetric Group - Choose between the classic lever-style E61 group and the volumetrically-programmable BZ group.

Touch Display - Easily control the boiler pressures and temperatures, LED panel colour, pre-infusion, volumetric dosing, and beyond.

360o Steam + Hot Water Wands - Swivel all the way around for fast and flexible control.

Tanked or Plumbed - Use either the generous 4L water tank or plumb the machine directly into your water line.

Cup Warmer - Keeps your mugs nice and hot.

Illuminated LED Panels - Customize your LED-lit panel colour to match any mood or space. Several colours to choose from.

This product includes: - 1 x Bezzera Matrix Coffee Machine

  • 2 x Portafilter - Single & Double Spout
  • Single & Double Filter Basket
  • Blind Filter Basket
  • Metal Tamp
  • Measuring Spoon
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Plumbed-In Kit

The Specifics Boiler Dual Boiler, 0.45L Brew + 1.05L Steam Water Tank 4L, Plumbed In Pump Rotary PID Yes, 2-3 Pre-Infusion Yes Voltage 220-240 Dimensions 310mm (W) x 470mm (D) x 420mm (H) Weight 36kg Option E61 (MN), Electronic (DE) Recommended Additions - Mazzer Mini Electronic A Grinder

  • Acaia Lunar Scales
  • Coffee Gear Timer
  • Fellow Monty Latte Art Cups

Available Styles - Matrix w/ E61 Group (MN)

  • Matrix w/ Electronic Group (DE)
  • Bezzera BZ10 Coffee Machine
  • Bezzera Strega Tanked Coffee Machine
  • Bezzera Mitica Top Coffee Machine

Bezzera Matrix Coffee Machine - Matrix


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