Bimetal bonsai Shears, Standard


Those shears are designed with a strong neck and handle to cut branches, flower stems, ropes and is useful for bonsai work, general gardening and flower arrangements. The round, wide handle is easy to grip. Bonsai shears make clean close cuts and are preferred by most serious bonsai enthusiasts. This tools is very high quality ; bimetals steel shear. It is the traditional style tools which is useful as a combination garden, flower, ikebana or Bonsai shear. It is the best type of shear for cutting capillary roots, and it is blades are excellent for light branch cutting and general bonsai trimming.They come with a strong blade and hold up its edge a long time and is highly resistant to rust, making the maintenance easier.

Technical Details:
SK5 Bimetal Steel, fully whole-piece drop forged
Blade steel: High carbon steel laminated with soft steel
Overall length 185mm
Blade length:50mm