Black Hawk Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food for Small Breeds 10kg

**Transform your dogs diet by giving them an all-natural dog food source like the Black Hawk Original Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food Mix!**Real meat, real veggies, and zero fillers and other harmful ingredients: thats what youll get with Black Hawk pet food products! Black Hawk removes all the unnecessary ingredients and only gives your pet the essentials so that they perform and play better throughout their everyday activities.

For a complete, well-balanced meal every day for your canine, the Black Hawk Original Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food is the perfect energy source for small breed adult dogs and is made in Australia with natural ingredients youve grown to know and love. The lamb meat provides much-needed protein to support muscle growth and bone health and also contain iron, zinc, and B vitamins. With added fruits like blueberries for antioxidants, vegetables such as peas and carrots for more nutritional content, and healthy fats from emu oil for extra omega fatty acids, this holistic dry dog food mix gives your pet well-balanced meals every day.

Get the Black Hawk Original Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food Mix for all your canines meals for optimal health!


  • Real protein source from lamb meat also provides iron, B vitamins, and zinc
  • Formulated with vegetables, fruits, and other essential nutrients for balanced meals
  • Contains dried blueberries for an extra dose of antioxidants
  • Made with emu oil for added omega fatty acids to promote better skin and fur
  • Includes rosemary to help improve and stabilise blood circulation and boost hair growth
  • Has dandelion to aid in liver cleansing and kidney functioning
  • Free of hormones, fillers, artificial flavours/colours, preservatives, GMO, and antibiotics
  • Does not have wheat, corn or soy great for dogs with allergies
  • Suitable for small breed adult dogs

Sizes Available:

3Kg, 10Kg

Tasty lamb & rice dry dog food mix made in Australia with all-natural ingredient!