Black Safety Pins 192 Pc In Storage Containers

The humble staple of every household! The safety pin is famous for holding two pieces of fabric together but there are so many other uses for this little gem. Especially for Evening wear or pants cuffs where a black safety pin can be used and not seen for a quick repair.

From securing bandages, making slings, replacing lost or broken zipper pulls or simply securing keyrings in pockets, the safety pin is tiny but mighty. Two containers of 96 black safety pins (192 pins in total) will ensure you are always prepared. Why not have one pack in your bag and one in the house?


  • Ideal for sewing and dressmaking
  • Designed for quick mending of dark coloured evening wear or coloured garments
  • Handy around the house for everyday use and temporary repairs
  • Storage containers to keep pins organised

Pack Contents

  • 2 containers of 96 safety pins (192 pins in total)
  • Each pin measures 20mm long
  • Colour black